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SAVE THE DATE! Extreme Weather Disasters: Resilience, Forecasting & Cooperation will be the focus of the next Roundtable on 12 September 2019, hosted by the Embassy of Germany to the NL. Get in touch through the contact page for more information.

The 9th Roundtable  (photo below) was held on Friday 5 July 2019 at the Humanity Hub in The Hague. Co-hosted by PHB Development,  around 40 participants explored innovation in water resources in Africa and Asia, including of mobile technology in data applications for agriculture. “Who owns the data?” was a recurring consideration with impacts on resources, land and human rights in developing countries – as all participants voiced their expertise and questions in the forum session of the meeting.


See highlights in the report from the 8th Roundtable that was held on 4 December 2018 at the Embassy of Vietnam in The Hague.


The Hague Roundtable on Climate & Security is an independent forum to promote international cooperation in adapting to climate risks to human well-being, sustainable development, peace and political stability. Created in 2015, participants from representatives of governments and organizations share information and strategies in adaptation regarding water resources, natural disasters, sea level rise, migration, potential conflict and stability of fragile states.